Costa Brava Land For Sale

Costa Brava Land For Sale
Land For Sale Costa Brava

Costa Brava Land For Sale | The best Land deals change often, so don't miss out.

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Featured Property

3 bedroom Apartment San Miguel de Slainas San Miguel de Salinas
Only 98,500.00 Euros

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Costa Brava Land For Sale
Buying land in or around Costa Brava with building permission is obviously more expensive than purchasing a rustic plot without. Previously you were able to buy a plot of land, build on it, then just register it at the local town hall, this isn't always the case now, so you must get legal advice before signing anything. The nearer you are to the coast the harder it is to get permission, this is to protect the coastline from excessive building.

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Mains services can also be a problem, a telephone in town can take years and in the middle of nowhere it might not be possible at all. If the land is miles down an unmade track, electricity and water may also be problematic, let alone very expensive to instal, and that is without taking into consideration driving along a muddy, potholed track in the winter, almost certainly a good 4x4 would be required. Problems can also arise from trying to get a builders truck or delivery lorry down an old farm track.

Featured Property

3 bedroom Villa El Raso Guardamar
Only 184,950.00 Euros

Sorry, no Land for sale was found for Costa Brava Spain

If there is an old house or renovation project on the land that has not been registered, problems again can be had with connecting any mains services as they cannot see it on their computer records, therefore it's not there.

Even if the agents claim the land has a building permit, we would still recommend getting an independent (and we mean independent, not the agents lawyer) legal advice before proceeding.

Parcels and plots of land for sale in Costa Brava, that are being advertised for sale by the owner or by his local estate agent. Buy some land, rural farm land, irrigated land and residential building land in Costa Brava or close by, some may have outline or even full building permission.
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